Spring Data JPA, MongoDB and Hadoop on January 16th


This conference is organised by Pivotal (SpringSource is part of the Pivotal Group)

We are glad to announce that we will host a free conference about Spring and Hadoop on Friday August 30th in downtown Singapore from 6.30 to 8.30 PM.

1- from traditional Database access to Spring Data JPA and Spring Data MongoDB

Nik Trevallyn-Jones has worked in the IT industry for over 20 years and has been an active member of the Spring community for more than five years.  He has taught Spring courses to over 1000 students already.  Nik has an extensive background in computer software architecture, design and programming.

He is an active open-source contributor and has been involved in a number of projects including Spring Roo and Spring HATEOAS.

Nik will be starting from a traditional JPA application and will show you how to migrate it to Spring Data JPA. He will then show you how to use Spring Data with MongoDB. All the code shown in this presentation will be available publicly on github so you can download our samples after the presentation.


2-  Hadoop made simple with Spring Data Hadoop

Kailash is a Technical architect with 14+ years of industry experience. Prior to joining Pivotal, he has lead the big data initiative for a large airline company and has worked 3 years on some of the largest Hadoop projects. His experience includes end to end architecture and design of large scale OLTP system like B2B e-Commerce platform, large scale integrations solutions, mobile commerce platform, high volume OLAP solutions etc.

Kailash will demonstrate how to build,test and deploy a big data hadoop application using Spring Data Hadoop. The code samples used in the demo will be made available after the presentation.

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One Response to Spring Data JPA, MongoDB and Hadoop on January 16th

  1. I enjoyed this class. Thanks Kailash & Michael.

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